The Round Top Cu-Mo-Ag system is a drill ready prospect with multiple follow-up and step-off targets including; 1) a large porphyry Cu-Mo system with a target of +800,000,000 tons, located on the flanks of the East Lobe and peripheral to a pronounced 5 x 9 km aeromagnetic high anomaly, 2) multiple Cu-Ag-Pb-Zn skarn targets totaling >20,000,000 tons located along a NW trending fault, based on both surface outcrop and sub-surface intercepts in RT-2,-3 &-7, 3) a high grade hydrothermal Cu rich breccia pipe target of 25-30,000,000 tons at the East Lobe, and 4) high grade epithermal Ag-Au-Pb-Zn structurally controlled vein/breccia mineralization similar to Illinois Creek at TG/TG North. The 2010 IP program, 2012 Aeromagnetic and Geochem programs and subsequent data integration and interpretation and modeling have outlined many new targets at Round Top