Western Alaska Copper & Gold is engaged in the business of mineral exploration for the purpose of advancing two early stage exploration and development projects:  The Honker Gold Prospect and The Round Top Copper Prospect.  Our properties offer an outstanding opportunity for those investors looking for an exciting exploration play and exposure to rising copper and gold prices.


Value Added:

We continue to be deliberate in moving our properties forward toward our ultimate goal of production while adding value to our company by completing the following work programs:



Round Top Exploration Program

Utilizing funds raised in the 2016 Offering, the Corporation conducted a drilling program at the Round Top Property starting July 8, 2016. The program was completed on budget at a cost of approximately $500,000, on schedule and safely on July 28, 2016. A total of 4,791 feet or 1,461 meters of diamond core was completed in six holes at an average production of 228 feet per day. The total “All In” cost of drilling was $104 per foot. The drilling focused on the east lobe porphyry area and included DDH’s RT-8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. The track-mounted drill and associated equipment was purchased from the drilling contractor after the program finished, was winterized and left on the Round Top Property.

The 2016 drilling program has demonstrated the existence of an extensive copper mineralized system at Round Top with chalcocite as a meaningful component of the mineralization. The significance of chalcocite mineralization as a primary source of copper at Round Top may be the single most important discovery of the 2016 program. The presence of secondary copper mineralization, primarily in the form of chalcocite (Cu2S), is a critical element of our future value considerations because this form of secondary-enriched copper can be extracted using the SXEW (solution extraction electro-winnowing) method. This method produces copper at the mine site and avoids shipment of a concentrate by barge downriver and then by ship to smelters in Asia. The ability to use a SXEW process would create a significant cost advantage compared to conventional concentration processes.



Illinois Creek Transportation Study

The Corporation’s research of the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (“AIDEA”) archives resulted in the discovery of the “1993 Illinois Creek Transportation Study” for development of the Illinois Creek Property gold mine. AIDEA is a state-funded corporation that has provided financing for numerous natural resources development projects. The report was written by Richard Hughes, P.E., of BTW Mining & Exploration Corp., and Mike Smith of Terra Nord, for the benefit of North Pacific Mining Corporation, a Cook Inlet Region, Inc. subsidiary, and the benefit of Echo Bay Mining Company.

This engineering study is important because it defines a 29.4 mile route from a proposed Yukon River barge loading site to the Illinois Creek Property road system and includes a preliminary road design and construction cost estimate. It also covers Federal and State permits that will be needed for construction of the road. The Corporation has incorporated this study into a modern digital version of the access route from the Illinois Creek District to the Yukon River. This study answers one of the major mine development questions: How will construction materials be transported to the Properties and how will the mined materials be exported to world markets?



Established a winter trail to Honker Gold deposit and transported D-6 and Hitachi Excavator to property

Completed an exploration trenching program on the Main Honker and Honker West prospects

Samples were sent to Resource Development, Inc., a metallurgical testing lab in Denver, CO for analysis and evaluation of gravity and leaching gold extraction methods.



In collaboration with Zonge International, an integrated 3D Digital Data Base with both modern and historical data was completed in Oasis Montage.

Acquired ownership of Illinois Creek camp and heavy equipment to facilitate future exploration programs.

Completed Technical Reports for both Honker Gold and Round Top Copper Projects



Completed a 1,050 sample Soil Geochemical Program over entire Round Top claim block

A high resolution aero-magnetic helicopter survey of 630 line kilometers was conducted by Precision Geo Surveys at both Round Top and Honker



Zonge International conducted Resistivity and IP ground surveys at the Round Top deposit to compare modern geophysical data with historical (1981-1982) Anaconda geophysical work



Surveyed historical drill holes with modern GPS techniques

Compiled 1980-1984 Anaconda Company historical data



Staked claims on State of Alaska land, acquiring the Honker Gold and Round Top Copper Properties


Unique characteristics of our properties include:

The safe and supportive jurisdictional environment in the state of Alaska.

  • Fraser Institute's Mining Survey names Alaska as one of only six jurisdictions that achieve a perfect score on trade stability.
  • Alaska offers an extensive system of supplementary contractors and businesses to support mineral exploration and development, as well as state agencies to provide technical assistance with permitting and regulations in a consistent and stable regulatory and tax environment.

    An extensive historical exploration database that compliments recent exploration work completed on the properties, validating that data.

  • We have the data from 1980-1984 Anaconda drilling and exploration programs, which are valued at approximately $5million.
  • A location that is situated within close proximity to barge access on the Yukon River, and near the regional transportation hub at the town of Galena, AK.

    An existing State of Alaska owned 4,200 ft C-130 capable airstrip.

    A collection of heavy equipment is owned by WAC&G and is on site along with existing buildings and infrastructure to support a 40 man camp.

    Property is located on State of Alaska Land, with no 3rd party option agreements.

    Property has low annual holding costs.

    As copper demand continues to look robust and supplies remain limited, Western Alaska Copper & Gold offers investors an exciting exploration opportunity.

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